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Academic discovery in the framework of faith

At Richard Winn Academy, we believe a well-organized athletics program is an important part of a student’s overall development. Athletics teaches students teamwork, setting goals, self-discipline, and patience. It also creates a healthy body, mind, and self-esteem.

Physical education classes begin when students enter the first grade and continue throughout high school. RWA also offers extracurricular physical education courses as well as weight lifting courses as part of our enrichment program. These classes and courses are geared to encourage students to become healthy and stay healthy. They also promote a love for athletics as a way to view physical education as fun and exciting.

Along with our physical education classes, we also offer well-organized sports programs at RWA. Middle School teams include students in grades fifth through eighth, while varsity teams are offered to students in grades eighth through twelfth.

Recent Graduate and Current Collegiate Athletes

Ethan Dean, Mississippi State - Shooting Team. RWA Class of 2021
Dani Goings, Columbia College - Volleyball. RWA Class of 2023
Berry Bonds, Clemson University - Shotgun Team. RWA Class of 2022
Sam Clyburn, Clemson University- Shotgun Team. RWA Class of 2021
Carson Stuck-Clemson University- Shotgun Team. RWA Class of 2020