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Academic discovery in the framework of faith

Meet Our Faculty

Teachers at Richard Winn have college degrees and teach the content areas or grade levels for which they are qualified. Many teachers have earned advanced degrees and hold professional teaching certificates. Teachers participate regularly in professional development to ensure they are knowledgeable about current instructional resources and the most effective teaching techniques for meeting students’ diverse academic needs and learning styles.
Name Title
Atkerson, Kenny Assistant Athletic Director / HS Electives
Atkerson, Lou Anne 3rd Grade Teacher
Baggott, Elizabeth 2nd Grade Teacher
Bass, Katherine
Blanks, Lindy Upper School English Teacher
Brigman, Paul Athletic Director / MS History
Bruce, Doris 5th Grade Teacher
Busby, Victoria
Cahoon, Melissa Assistant Head of School
Chaisson, Kristen Head of School
Coates, Flory
Coleman, Lou Ann Fine Arts
Colvin, Jenny Elementary Teacher
Corley, Sharon
Douglass, Le Ann Receptionist
Dukes, Jennifer ELC Director/K3 Teacher
Gladney-Armstrong, Debbie
Hall, Kimberly Middle School English Teacher
Hawkins, Nannette Spanish Teacher
Hazen, Jennifer First Grade Teacher
Hefner, Anthony Math Instructor
Hewitt, Barbara Art Teacher
Holland, Vanessa TA
Kennedy, LaQuandra
Ladd, Meg Dean of Students
Lee, Anna High School History Instructor
Love, Reagan
McKay, Moriah High school science teacher
McLean, Janae Director of Finance
Meadows, Kimberly Physical Education Teacher
Monroe, Kelly
Peake, Christy High School English
Sharpe, Dawn
Startsman, Carl Middle School Science
Steward, Jennifer Long Term Sub
Taylor, Retta Physical Education Teacher
Timmerman, John
Turner, Sally First Grade Teacher
Young, Kristina K5 Teacher